Advanced Quantum Mechanics is a book appearing in The Day of the Doctor, a Doctor Who television story. The Eleventh Doctor was reading the book when Clara Oswald entered the TARDIS on her motorbike after her day teaching at Coal Hill School.


The dust jacket of the book had images of the TARDIS in its police box shape on both the front and back covers. Presumably, the book talked about Quantum Mechanics: a branch of physics concerned with processes involving, for example, atoms and photons. From the TARDIS pictures appearing on the front and back, it is possible that the contents of the book includes the Physics of the TARDIS.

Role in StoryEdit

This book had a minor role in the Doctor Series. It briefly appeared in The Day of the Doctor when the Eleventh Doctor was reading it before Clara entered the TARDIS.

Realed Real-life WorksEdit

This book is possibly related to the book: Advanced Quantum Mechanics by J.J. Sakurai which is considered a classic in the science genre. The book itself has been printed eleven times. On the other hand, the book The Doctor was holding could be J.J. Sakurai's book. However, the book appearing in Doctor Who has pictures of the TARDIS on it's dust jacket which implies it is not a real book.

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