–Death on the Grim Fairy Tales, Thief of Time

Grim Fairy Tales is a fictional book mentioned in the Discworld book, Thief of Time. It is presumed that the Sisters Grim are the authors of this book and provided inspiration for their imaginative niece Malicia.


It contains numerous tales and stories. But most notably, it contains the tale of the Glass Clock. The Clock was a dimensional anomaly brought about once by a mad Überwaldian and then by the Auditors of Reality. Mentioned stories include:

  • How the Wicked Queen Danced in Red Hot Shoes!
  • The Old Lady in the Oven
  • The Glass Clock of Bad Schüschein - tells the story of a wicked man who traps Time herself in his Glass Clock. However, the spring was not made from glass and it broke under the pressure. This caused time to be released and the man aged 10,000 years. Death remarks that this tale is true.

Role in StoryEdit

This book had a small minor appearance in the Discworld series. It was given to Jeremey by Lady LeJean so he can learn about The Glass Clock. Later, Miss Smith and Susan mention that they are reading it at class. Death and Susan discuss the tales and talk about how Time was trapped. This book also popularized the designs of witch houses.

Related Real-World WorksEdit

  • The Grim Fairy Tales is an obvious reference to the Grimm Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. The real life book has multiple famous tales such as "Rapunzel", "Hansel and Gretel", "Cinderella", "Little Red Cap" and "Snow White".
  • The Grim Fairy Tale story, "The Old Lady in the Oven" is a possible reference to the Brothers Grimm story, Hansel and Gretel and how the witch died when Gretel pushed her into the oven.
  • Also, the tale "How the Wicked Queen Danced in Red Hot Shoes" is a reference to how the Queen in the original Snow White tale had to wear red-hot iron shoes and dance until she died.

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