Melody Malone: Private Detective in Old New York Town was a fictional book from "The Angels Take Manhattan", an episode of the british science-fiction long-running TV Series "Doctor Who". It was a memoir and guide, posing as a pulp detective novel, written by River Song (AKA Melody Malone) and published by Amy Pond. Both were the Doctor's (the series's main character) travelling companions.


The book centred on an investigation into Weeping Angels in New York City by female private detective, Melody Malone, (in reality, future time-travelling archaeologist River Song).

Role in the StoryEdit

As a time-traveling based series, "Doctor Who" has many loops and paradoxes. The book was actually written by River Song, the Doctor's wife and Amy Pond's daughter, to avoid them and Rory Williams (her father) to be in danger. It was a memoir and guide, posing as a pulp detective novel.

Related Real-World WorksEdit

  • An ebook by Justin Richards was published in a collection of Doctor Who ebooks. It acted as a prequel to this fictional book with the title: The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery. Although, this ebook was not the book featured in the show, it acted as prequel to the "The Angels Take Manhattan". It tells the tale of Melody Malone, owner and sole employee of the Angel Detective Agency. An audiobook of this story, read by Alex Kingston (the actor who plays River Song) was also published.

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