Clara: The library. I saw it. You were mentioned in a book.

The Doctor: I'm mentioned in a lot of books.

–Clara and the Eleventh Doctor

The History of the Time War is a fictional history book appearing in Doctor Who tv series. It appeared in the tenth episode of the seventh season: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.


The book chronicled the history of the Last Great Time War, the war between the mightiest races in the universe, the Time Lords and the Daleks. It also contains the Doctor's real name.

Role in StoryEdit

The Eleventh Doctor kept a copy of the book in his TARDIS' library, which Clara Oswald looked through whilst running from a time zombie. She later mentioned that she had read the name of the Doctor in a book. The Doctor told her that this was dangerous knowledge, kept secret for a reason. She forgot his name when time was rewritten.

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